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Friday, February 11, 2011

Poser Alert

Recently we have seen two poser accounts that have been trying to act as our own, Jenna.
They wrote in the stardoll-lotto account and I quote, "Hows the lottery going. Please give me the money."

First off Jenna, Larsa, and I discussed how the money earned from the lottery would be kept in the official account. Second, Jenna never even mention us about getting a new account. If you`re not sure ask in the real account. Third, the person from this poser account didnt even know my name. I know Jenna and Larsa know my name.

Please be aware of poser that could possibly say they are part of the lottery. If your not sure ask in our main accounts. Do not buy tickets from ANY other accounts besides Stardoll-lotto and Jennarox4eva.
And ONLY buy shirts and accesories from Jenna(Jennarox4eva) , Larsa (Larsa_gurl), or Isabel (carleit).

Remember if your not sure, ask us!

~TSL staff


  1. Whenever I type that name in , that account doesn't come up . And it seems to be that it's Jenna's name , just capitals . . . Mysterious . . .