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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

New Stardoll Lottery Account! &+NEW UPDATES.

With 3 people working on the Stardoll Lottery, things get a bit jumbled up and it turns into a hassle. That is why Carleit, Larsa_Gurl, and Emorox4eva will be sharing the official Stardoll Lottery Account! Do not ask for tickets in either of our guestbooks/messages/chats. You ask for tickets, buy tickets and get all the information on the new account we created: Stardoll-Lotto.

We will be writing updates on this blog, as well as Jenna's blog, SMW. Click here to go to it. Nothing else has pretty much changed. We all would like to say thank you to everyone because we already raised 600 stardollars, which will be contributed to our next lottery! So many tickets have been bought, and we'd like to wish you all good luck!

UPDATE: Tickets are no longer 2 stardollars. They are now 5 stardollars, and your limit is 5 tickets only! It is not fair to people who are less fortunate! We will have a lottery where there is no limit, but that will happen once a month. We just want everything to be fair. Also, in order to buy a ticket you need to be a follower of both this blog and Jenna's blog. If you aren't a follower you can't participate! 

REMEMBER: We don't own any other accounts, just the ones we have and Stardoll-Lotto. 
If you see someone saying they are apart of this Stardoll Lottery or they are us, they are completely lying. If we have another account we would put it on this blog, so don't fall for any scamming tricks! 


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