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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A new lottery!

Hello everyone, Larsa_Gurl here again! As you know today is Wednesday and we all know that
the lottery starts on Wednesday! We (Carleit, Emorox4eva, and I) have decided to cut down the deadline for buying tickets to SATURDAY. This is because we need to discuss our sales, find out the winners, etc. So, we are selling tickets until SATURDAY. Please remember that! To the winners of last weeks lottery, your prizes will be given to you momentarily. Sorry for the wait, but we will reply to your guestbook comments soon! Winners for last week also know that they cannot participate in the next 3 lotteries.

PS: Please, PLEASE, don't ask for tickets on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. We 
will not reply to you. Tickets are not sold throughout those days.

PPS: When confirming your purchase, please tell us how many tickets you want again. We cannot keep track.
Thank you!


With love,
The Stardoll Lottery Team (Larsa_Gurl, Carleit, and Emorox4eva!)


  1. anyone got a print screen of the 'i feel so accomplished' post?

  2. Ok thank you for letting me know :)