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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Lottery.

As we promised, we have made our first post on the famous and reliable blog, Stardoll`s Most Wanted. I would like to thank Jenna (emorox4eva) for letting us share our ideas with her readers. Click here to read our post about the lottery. With FAQ so check it out. We have answered most of your questions about the lotto.

Now for the best part, the lottery.
Yes, this weeks lottery is bigger and better than last weeks. The prize is quite large for both superstars and non-superstars.
That means we need help spreading the word about the lottery, to make the prize bigger and bigger.
The rules have changed a bit since last weeks ,but if you still havent read them click here. This link will take you to official Stardoll Lottery account. Please read everything there are LOADS of important information about the Lottery. Sorry about all that mumbo-jumbo now we get to the lottery.

The prizes for this week is:
Superstar prize: $1000 stardollars (WOW)
Non-superstar prize: You will be turned in to a superstar! You will get two $300 stardollar superstar codes (pretty special)

These are some great prizes! If you would like to take place please go to the official stardoll lottery account, stardoll-lotto, or by clicking the hyper link above. (Two paragraphs up in the first sentence!)
Thank you for reading and following and also commenting. We appreciate all the support we are getting! We love it!
The winner will be announced on Monday February 15th. It will be posted on this blog, SMW, The official stardoll lottery account: stardoll-lotto, Larsa_gurl`s presentation, and my presentation (carleit)

Thanks again!
~Larsa (Larsa_gurl), Jenna (emorox4eva), Isabel (carleit)

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  1. thx for giving everyone a special chance i love it btw u can see me i have applied for the tickets im luka_jewel on sd