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Monday, June 6, 2011

About the Lottery.

To all our wonderful lottery followers,

Long time now see! Hey guys! Im Isabel, or carleit on Stardoll.com, if you don`t know already. If you havent heard we stopped the lotto for a short time. This is because our lovely Jenna (emorox4eva) was hacked and she hadn`t had access to her account. Without her we couldn`t run the lottery as smoothly. Sense Jenna now has her account back, we may re-open the Stardoll Lottery over the summer!
Now I havent been on Stardoll lately ,but when i went to check out and say hi to our Larsa, her account had been deleted!
From what I can tell, she is trying hard to get back her account and we will support her as much as possible!
Im writing this now because I wanted to do a poll on the Lottery.

YOU will decide if we will continue the Lottery, but before you decide I will tell you the rules and prizes will not be the same. (Not confirmed yet.)

So go ahead and vote!
At the end of the month I will tally the score up and repost the decision.
I will also keep you guys and girls posted on the Lottery as much as we can!

Thanks for the wait and all the support!
We love you!
Isabel :) ;D <3

The poll will be located on the right --------------->


  1. Long time ago since the last lottery... Well what about the ones who bought tickets (I bought 5 tickets for 28 sd!) and couldn't enter the lottery because it ´had been closed? Do they need to buy the tickets AGAIN or will the tickets still count?? xoxo Rafi101